About US

International Platform for Students:

WSU is providing an international platform for put views, raise voice against any problem and get attention of world community. All members can use this platform with various ways.


Problem Solver:

As world is facing many problem, WSU develops an environment of Discussion among youth and students. “Solutions born in Discussion” We believe that our present generation has a capability to solve problems.


Leadership Skill:

As our thinking, “Today’s students are future of world”, next leader will be from us. But to prepare them to take responsibility, WSU gives them an environment, facilities, support and learning ground. With the active participation in WSU missions, the ability of leadership comes at front.


Philosophy of Modern age:

As the organization is creating leaders, they can give the new ideas, philosophy and way to be follow by world. We, as our aim, are giving the philosophy of modern age to development, unity and peace.


Young Organization

Organization gives priority to youth and Specially Students in WSU leadership. According to United nation definition of youth, 18 – 30 year students are under missions.


Think Tank Report :

WSU is analyzing the report of different think tank and preparing the path for suitable scheme/mission to students. We shall also submit the report for govenmemt and other that people can know real situation of students.




With the Government:

WSU is not for only raising slogan, strike and other ‘anti’ activities. We do not believe in negativity. We believe in working with government. Our objective is to implement the government scheme completely and we will help them


Vision of Development:

Our commitment is to ensure participation of students in development. Our thinking is to development of students, development of society, and development of nation. Organization represents students so we are giving vision for overall development at social, economical and political front.


Cultural Unity:

 Our objective has ‘cultural unity’ of different region and nations. To share cultural platform to each other, with cultural activities and special program to know culture of different region is in our working.


Democratic Value:

 We are creating leaders for lead the world but our each and every team is influenced by democratic value. We are supporter of Democracy and work to setup democratic values in leadership as well as in every government, WSU is working.



Mutual cooperation:

 We are working to raise the mutual cooperation in students of different region and different nation. This mutual cooperation makes the quality of ‘team work’ and also useful to connect students each other.




 It is the result and final outcome of our working. Our overall goal will help to setup peace in world. Globally leading the world, our team will also work to restore peace in world. 


Mission GREEN WORLD is the yearly program in which Volunteers make plantation across world. With the upcoming threat to Humans as global warming, unbalanced cycle of climate, Green House effect, and continuously nature-against work, we have responsibility to save world and earth. Our volunteers, with plantation, also organise the awareness program, quiz-essay competitions, seminars, and rally to make a message for save our earth’s environment


Mission EDUCATED WORLD is in priority by organization. Under this mission, there are many activities, done by organization continuously. The SCS (slum colony School) is the initiative in which our volunteers make classes for slum colony children. The Books distribution Program (Book Bank) under which we provide books and other stationary to poor children. With the partnership of International and national organizations, we will work for better health and make them free of diseases. The scheme of Indian government “Beti bachao- Beti padhao” generally known as ‘Save girl child-educate girl child’ is also included in this mission.      


LEAD THE WORLD : It is WSU initiative to enhance and create leadership skill in students. Our aim is to create leaders for lead the world. In WSU missions, students get platform for Interaction, talking skill, art of speaking, intellectual maturity, discussion, art of speech etc. Our program “Discussion Session” is also a part of this mission.


Think For Nation

Towards change Badlav ki aur

Structure of Organization

World Student Union has different teams with different functions.

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